5 disappointments in the first half of the Premier League season

Mourinho was sacked, Ozil and Pogba’s erratic form … are sad things after 19 rounds.

The third season’s curse once again fulfilled with the Portuguese military.

jose mourinho be sacked

Man Utd announced to sack Jose Mourinho just before Christmas and this time he had to blame himself.

Mourinho entered the 2018-2019 season; with many expectations as he helped Man Utd to win the first three seasons; and stand second in the second season. However, he made himself difficult when there were statements that criticized the leadership at the preparation stage, and created a tense atmosphere with the students, especially the big star Paul Pogba.

This makes Man Utd fall in the competition. Losing to 4 after the first 16 rounds and losing 1-3 at Liverpool’s hands is a drop of water. This departure is really a shame for Mourinho because he cannot help Man Utd to win the national championship like every team before.

The racism that suddenly broke out in the EPL is considered.

racism epl

After Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge match, Man City Raheem Sterling winger has a message on his social account about the insults to receive from the home team.

In the north London derby; Arsenal striker Aubameyang was even thrown a banana peel by Tottenham fans when he shared a goal with his teammates. This is a heavy racist action for black players.

The fans who committed crimes in these two cases were banned by Chelsea and Tottenham to future matches. However, the image of the tournament was tarnished when bad actions were reported live to tens of millions of viewers.

Pogba is playing like a fellow after Mourinho was sacked to show how big the two sides are.

mourinho pogba

British media revealed that Pogba was very excited and showed the joy in front of his teammates after learning the Portuguese military was leaving.

Pogba may be the last to stay in the fight with Mourinho; but the disappointment for the French midfielder is huge. Returning to Old Trafford as a French hero at the 2018 World Cup, Pogba scored twice in the first two games but only had one more goal until Mourinho was fired. It seems that the midfielder has allowed a conflict with Mourinho to overwhelm his mind and greatly influence the performance on the pitch.

Mesut Ozil is another superstar who lost himself in the first leg and was contacted to leave Arsenal after losing confidence from coach Unai Emery .

mesut ozil arsenal

This is a difficult year for the German midfielder and there are not many opportunities at the age of 30.

Ozil entered the season with bitterness from the defeat of Germany at the 2018 World Cup. Conflicts with the German Football Federation; the photo taken with Turkish President Erdogan also made Ozil announce his departure from the team in frustration.

The problems outside the field have greatly affected Ozil’s performance. Besides, he also did not adapt to the high-pressure play of Emery coach, which required a lot of physical strength. Ozil’s main matches are becoming less and less, along with injuries that prevent the midfielder from playing as a mainstay at Arsenal.

The Premier League is famous for its “factor” and most recently the Leicester phenomenon. However, the underdogs seem to be unable to surprise the top 6 this season .

watford premier league

Liverpool and Man City proved too strong in the first two positions, while Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal also kept stability.At the beginning of the season, Watford was the most notable team when it was often in the top 4 but gradually dropped after the big teams finished the warm-up phase.

This is in contrast to the La Liga playing field; where the two giants Barca and Real face a lot of difficulties with small teams.In addition, Bayern also experienced many ups and downs in the first half of the Bundesliga season instead of winning like splitting bamboo like the previous seasons.