Four dramatic confrontations between Vietnam and Malaysia at the AFF Cup

Vietnam always meets with Malaysia as a confrontation bringing a lot of emotions to the fans. Let’s relive the four most dramatic confrontations between the two teams at the AFF Cup. AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Vietnam and Malaysia.

Vietnam recruited Malaysia in the last five encounters Before the final round of AFF Cup semi-final against Malaysia at 19h45 on 11/12. They recruited a better style of play when winning 4 out of 5 the last battle.

Vietnam 2-1 Malaysia ( AFF Cup 2002)

vietnam and malaysia 2002

After the impressive performance at the top of the table; fans of the two teams expect this will be the dream final of the tournament that year. However; they both fell in the semi-final against Thailand and Indonesia. However; the third match between the two teams still brings a multitude of emotions for the fans. Tran Truong Giang scored a 1-0 lead in the first half. However; just 10 minutes after the second half; Indra Putra Mahayuddin leveled the score 1-1 for Malaysia. However; Vietnam was the last winning team with the goal of midfielder Nguyen Minh Phuong in the 59th minute. The 2-1 victory also helped Vietnam to pay off the debt in AFF Cup 2000 (when lost to Malaysia 0-3 also in the bronze medal match).

Malaysia 2-3 Vietnam (AFF Cup 2008)

vietnam vs malaysia 2008

At the Sukarul, Vietnam opened the scoring by Pham Thanh Luong in the 16th minute. But just minutes after, Indra Putra equalized for Malaysia. After 72 minutes, Nguyen Vu Phong re-established the table for Vietnam. In the 85th minute, Indra Putra hit a 2-2 draw. If the score is the same, teacher coach Calisto will face great disadvantage. With just one draw before the Thai, Malaysian will go right ahead. At the most difficult times, lucky gods suddenly smiled at the Vietnamese team. Just one minute after the equalizer of the Malaysian striker, a long pass from the
home of Nguyen Vu Phong to the ball into the penalty area before the opponent before the earth to change the direction of the ball into the ball too difficult for your goalkeeper. . That year, Vietnam won the championship and Malaysia was eliminated from the group stage after losing to Thailand in the final round.

Malaysia 2-0 Vietnam (AFF Cup 2010)

viet nam vs malaysia 2010

Up until now, when mentioning Safee Sali, fans certainly can not forget the nightmare this striker brought in AFF Cup 2010. Two goals in the semi-finals. The big advantage and not allow Vietnam any opportunity to “flip” on My Dinh Stadium. Not only that; the strength of the striker’s strength also; brought the horror of the pair of central defenders of Vietnam then Vu Nhu Thanh and Le Phuoc Tu. Safee Sali and his team-mates took the throne in the tournament that year with a 4-2 win over Indonesia in the final.

Vietnam 2-4 Malaysia (AFF Cup 2014)

viet nam and malaysia 2014

Four years after the defeat at Bukit Jalil, Vietnam once again hated the Ma in the AFF Cup semi-finals. This time, 2-1 away win away in the first leg but Le Cong Vinh and his teammates suddenly lost 2-4 in the second leg. Disaster performance with the blunders of the blame for the Malaysian team 4 easy goals in the first half. The two goals of Nghe striker is not enough to save the Vietnamese team from losing a losing game on home field.

Cong Phuong and the charm of goal scored Malaysia In the finals of the first leg AFF Cup 2018 at 19h45 on December 11; Cong Phuong has repeatedly hit the Malaysian team level with a total of 5 goals and 2 assist