Premier League 2018 Round 3 Wolves Vs Man City 18h30, 25-08-2018

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Wolves vs Man City will officially face the 2018 English Premier League. The match starts at 18h30 on 25/08/2018. Join up for the 2018 Premier Football Betting Odds at the prestigious FB88 home.

Premier League 2018 Round 3 Wolves Vs Man City

Wolves could not beat Everton in the opening match. The match against Leicester City on 19 August, prompted their faith in the fans. The match against City is coming to the table. A lot of bright accs players are promptly recruited. Diego Jota, Ruben Vingare and Ruben Neves are all set to add quality to the squad after six years of relegation. Their new squad is quick to get back on track.

Coach Nuno Espírito Santo will have a certain direction for this new reform. Last season, they won first place in England with 99 points. However, stopped in the fourth round of the League. City goalkeeper beat them 1 – 4 in the penalty shootout. In the next match, Wolves must be very eager to avenge the history of defeat.

On the City side, is currently the brightest candidate for the Premier League title 2018. They have excellent form of competition when repeatedly win. Defeat Arsenal easily with 2-0. The team has a solid technical background, stable play style. The players are both physically and qualitatively qualified. Three consecutive Premier League Cup winners, won the 2016 Football League Cup 2018, won five British Super Cup. A series of impressive achievements is enough to assess the intensity of the Green Man.

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The green man’s merits are enough to crush the poor Wolves. In the last five matches, they won 4 matches and played only one match. While Wolves are in bad shape, they have not won. They held three matches and lost two matches.


The bet is placed on 1.5 / 2 left for Wolves vs Man City. The match for Wolves was 0.92. The match for City is 0.86

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Experts say City won. The assertion rate is up to 73%. Meanwhile, Wolves were only rated at 10%. With the current situation, a win for the Green Man is quite light. It also did not surprise the fans.

Levels of Wolves bet 10.5 Man City bets 1.26. With an unbalanced match between two teams, the draw is unlikely. Therefore, the match bet up to 6.50.

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Man City have a much better record than Wolves. In 8 recent confrontation. Green Man won 5 victories with 13 goals. Wolves won just two games with six goals. Apparently, Man City have the record and the superior.

The player sets the 3 / 3.5 bet. Handicap betting at -0.96. Betting on 0.86.

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